Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame #SCIVBHOF

Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame

The Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame (SCIVBHOF) was founded in summer of 2016 at American Sports Centers in Anaheim as a 501c3 charity non-profit organization (#81-3695316) to raise awareness for the indoor sport from San Diego to Santa Barbara.  The SCIVBHOF moved in January,
2021 to the Forza1 Performance Center in Temecula-Winchester. 


From 2016 through 2022, 80 all-time indoor volleyball greats have been inducted into the SCIVBHOF and seven more have been honored for their lifetime service to the sport.  The next induction event is scheduled for May of 2024.  Please email any HOF questions to

2020 +2021 scivbhof class

2020 & 2021  Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame Induction Classes

The 4th and 5th SCIVBHOF Honorees included: front row (L to R), Kari Holtzman (for Bernie Holtzman), Dixie A. Grimmett, Jane Ward, Charlie Brande, Sue Gozansky, Linda Murphy, Sharon Hix Soulia (for Ernie Hix).

Back row (L to R), David Saenz (for Manny Saenz), Alan Knipe, Troy Tanner, Tim Hovland, Gary Sato.

At event, but not in picture: Tammy Leibl, Ryan Millar, Reid Priddy.

Also part of HOF classes, Harlan Cohen, Terry Condon, Wink Davenport, Jack Henn, John Hyden, Duncan McFarland, Holly McPeak, Jeff Nygaard, Sharon Peterson, Teee Williams, Fred Sturm, Sue Woodstra.

Photo by Jim Wolf


Wink Davenport
John Hyden
Ryan Millar
Fred Sturm

Tim Hovland
Tammy Leibl
Sharon Peterson
Sue Woodstra

Bernie Holtzman
Holly McPeak
Reid Priddy
Linda Murphy (Lifetime Service)

Priddy was a four-time USA Olympian (2004, 2008 Beijing Gold, 2012, 2016 Rio Bronze) and Millar was a three-time Olympian (2000, 2004, 2008 Beijing Gold). Both were collegiate All-Americans at Loyola-Marymount and Brigham Young University (BYU) respectively. Millar led BYU to its first NCAA title in 1999.

Peterson, who is in the Cal State Long Beach Athletics Hall of Fame, was part of the first two USA Women’s Olympic teams in 1964 (teammate of Linda Murphy, who played at Cal State Northridge) and 1968. Davenport, who is in the Wesleyan University in Connecticut HOF for basketball, was a key member of the 1968 USA men’s Olympic team and went on to be the most recognized NCAA referee in history. Woodstra, who led USC to the 1977 AIAW title, would have started on the 1980 USA Olympic Team, which boycotted Moscow. She won a silver medal as captain of the 1984 team and was an assistant coach for the 2008 USA Olympic silver medal team in Beijing. Sturm, a top UCLA player on three NCAA title teams (1972, 1975, 1976) and the first Stanford men’s and women’s NCAA finals coach, went onto be the USA Olympic Coach in 1992 (bronze medal in Barcelona) and 1996.

Leibel, who was the Pac-10 Player of the Year at Arizona State, was a three-time Olympian (1988, 1992 Barcelona Bronze Medal, and 1996). Hyden, who is part of the San Diego State Athletics Hall of Fame was a two-time Olympian (1996, 2000), while McPeak, who set UCLA to the 1990 NCAA title, was a three-time USA Beach Olympian (1996, 2000, 2004 Athens Bronze Medal).

Hovland, who led USC to the 1980 NCAA title, had a legendary beach career after retiring from the indoor game. Holtzman, who is part of the International Volleyball Hall of Fame, was also a beach legend and was regarded as one of the greatest all-around players in world history.

“We are very excited that our fifth Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame induction class covers so much USA volleyball history and has such a great USA Olympic team presence,” said Mike Gallups, President of the SCIVBHOF. “We are very hopeful we can honor this group and the 2020 class by having a major induction event in the fall if our honorees have been able to obtain the vaccine for COVID-19 and the health situation has improved.”

International Volleyball Hall of Fame members in SCIVBHOF (28): Andy Banachowski, Mike Bright, Patty Bright, Craig Buck, Tara Cross-Battle, Bob Ctvrlik, Col. Edward DeGroot, Marv Dunphy, Dusty Dvorak, Rolf Engen, Jean Gaertner, Debbie Green, Kathy Gregory, Bernie Holtzman, Flo Hyman, Karch Kiraly, Ron Lang, Misty May-Treanor, Holly McPeak, Michael O’Hara, Larry Rundle, Al Scates, Gene Selznick, Sinjin Smith, Jeff Stork, Steve Timmons, Jane Ward, Paula Weishoff. 

AVCA Hall of Fame members in SCIVBHOF (17): Andy Banachowski, Deitre Collins-Parker, Terry Condon, Denise Corlett, Marv Dunphy, Brian GimmillaroSue Gozansky, Debbie Green, Dixie Grimmett, Mick Haley, Karch Kiraly, Debbie Landreth Brown, Liz Masakayan, Nina Matthies, Al Scates, Rudy Suwara, Sue Woodstra.

2018 Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame SCIVBHOF Inductees

Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame

2019 Inductee Highlights

SCIVBHOF Video by ASU Cronkite School

2019 Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame Induction Class     Photo by Jim Wolf
Front Row (L-R): Eric Sato, Bonnie Bright (for Patti Bright), Liane Sato, Karen Sutter (for Kirk Kilgour), Sharkie Zartman, Pat Zartman, Debbie Landreth Brown, Mick Haley, Rudy Suwara.
Back Row (L-R): Paul Sunderland, April Ross, Ann Davenport, Jeanne Beauprey Reeves, Bob Yoder, Denise Corlett, Tayyiba Haneef-Park, Dave Saunders, Linda Murphy (for Jean Gaertner). Not Pictured: Bill Olsson

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2021 Inductees

Find out who the 2021 Inductees for SCIVBHOF that have been selected for this years’ class.
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HOF Walls at: Forza1 Peformance Ctr.

You are invited to visit the Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame home at the Forza1 Performance Center, 36580 Penfield Ln, Winchester, CA 92596: (951) 813-9315


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